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Solutions with Ingenuity! The Ultimate Road to Zero-Waste Ironmaking

Dear Colleagues,
The metals industry is going through a unique challenging phase in the 21st century. The present trends could be summarized as multifaceted demands in the fields of raw materials efficiency, recycling, process optimization, alternative resources, environmental aspects...

RECYRON®: The Process

What is RECYRON®?

RECYRON® is the ultimate smart choice for a Zero-Waste Ironmaking™ process. This process is designed to recycle all possible raw material wastes (RMWs) from an integrated or DRI based steel plant combined with a high profit margin. RECYRON takes care of all RMWs of steel plants and iron-ore mines.

How does RECYRON® work?

RECYRON uses a simple technology like briquetting to its utmost potential to agglomerate all the wastes, and thereafter reduces it using a rotary kiln (coal based) to produce high quality direct reduced iron (DRI). The process is also able to generate power as the by-product.

Which wastes can RECYRON® handle?

Superfine ore, coke breeze, sinter dust, blast furnace dust and sludge, converter sludge, mill scale, DRI sludge, mine tailings and any other raw material wastes containing significant amount of iron or carbon.

Where could RECYRON® be installed?

Possibility 1 – As a captive plant for an integrated steel-mill to recycle its own wastes.
Possibility 2 – As a stand-alone plant at any geographic area with a high concentration of mining and steelmaking activities with proper logistics.

Where to use the RECYRON® DRI briquettes?

Possibility 1 – Charging in the blast furnace as a part of the burden. Approximately 400 kg of coke could be saved per ton of DRI charged.
Possibility 2 – Normal DRI charge for electric steelmaking.

How does RECYRON® care for the environment?

RECYRON® stops the valuable raw materials going to landfill and creates value out of waste. In parallel, it also reduces coke consumption and in turn reduces CO2 emission significantly.

Where to use the RECYRON® DRI briquettes?

Possibility 1 – Charging in the blast furnace as a part of the burden. Approximately 400 kg of coke could be saved per ton of DRI charged.
Possibility 2 – Normal DRI charge for electric steelmaking.

What is the payback period for a 500 tons per day RECYRON®?

The payback period for a 500 tons per day RECYRON® plant is 4 years with a phenomenal IRR (internal Rate of Return) of 20 – 22 %.

Other new technologies


NuclearSteel is our confidential project to produce steel without using carbon containing fuels. More details about this technology will be made available in near future.

Ti and V from magnetite ores

We developed the required technology to extract Ti and V from Titaniferrous and Vanadiferrous magnetite ores. We are looking for industrial partners for the upscaling of this process.


NOMUD is our proprietary technology to produce DRI from Red Mud - the hazardous waste of the aluminium industry. This technology has the potential to be the ultimate answer to the waste problem threatened by billions of tons of red mud accumulated in various parts of the world. We are presently looking for industrialization for the commercialization of this process.

Coal briquetting and Cokemaking

Our novel solutions for high performance coal briquetting are absolutely inevitable for the industries who want to agglomerate their coal fines for superior high-temperature performance. In addition, we provide solutions for coal blending for the cokemaking industry, which can save a millions just by making small adjustments.

Raw materials sourcing and trading

We have a global pool of more than 200 suppliers of Raw Materials (Ore, Coal/Coke, Petcoke, Ferro-Alloys), Scrap, Refractory and Spare Parts capable to supply at the most competitive price to ferrous and non-ferrous industries all over the world. We guarantee a lower cost than any other supplier, thanks to our massive network and innovative sourcing techniques.

Used plant machinery

We specialize in buying and selling of used plant components and machinery in very good working conditions. We offer the following products from various places across the globe -

Boring Mill
Casting Machines
Coil Handling Equipment
Cranes and Equipment
Cut to Length Lines
Forging Machinery
Melt Shop
Rolling Mills
Slitting Lines
Steel Mill Equipment
Steel Mill & Melt Shop

We also offer whole mini-mills in working conditions for sale. Please contact us directly for detailed information.


Our company has a pool of more than 400 freelancing global experts from all domains of Iron and Steel Industries as well as Non-Ferrous industries who are available to offer Consultancy, Quick Turnaround Solutions (QTS), Site Inspection and Computer Simulations as per customers’ requirements. We understand the value of your time and the importance of fast action. We need a maximum of 72 hours to assign an expert for your demands.

Training courses for industry professionals

We provide customized academic training of small groups of industry personnel from metal industries as per individual requirements of client companies. Our instructors are globally accomplished experts in their own fields (both from industries and academic institutions). The training courses are complemented by plant visits.

Solutions with Ingenuity!

The Ultimate Road to Zero-Waste Ironmaking


WE ARE COMING TO DÜSSELDORF! The countdown for METEC 2019 begins….

On behalf of RECYRON, we welcome all the passionate individuals from the steel and metals industry to our booth (Hall 3, Booth A24) at METEC 2019, which is going to take place in Düsseldorf, Germany from 25th to 29th June!


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