About us

RECYRON Engineering and Consulting started its journey in the beginning of 2018 after its foundation by Dr. Anrin Bhattacharyya, the present CEO of the company. RECYRON®, a groundbreaking process of DRI production from all possible steel industry raw materials wastes, was the inspiration to found the company. The company has an extensive network of iron and steel, metallurgical, coke and coal experts and consultants round the globe. The company strives to deliver unique, innovative and effective solutions to its clients based on their customized needs.



Our services

  • Complete consultation package for iron and steelmaking
  • Raw material and resource efficiency
  • Process optimization
  • Raw material waste management
  • Quick turnover solutions
  • Business matchmaking to other countries (EU, India, North America)
  • Academic trainings based on customized needs



For Investors

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The Process

RECYRON® is the ultimate smart choice for a zero-waste ironmaking process. This process is designed to recycle all possible raw material wastes (RMWs) from an integrated steel plant, while making guaranteed profit within 3-4 years. RECYRON® takes care all RMWs of steel plants and iron-ore mines, such as superfine ores, coke breeze, sinter dust and BF dust etc. RECYRON uses a simple technology like briquetting to its utmost potential to agglomerate all the wastes, and thereafter reduces it using a rotary kiln to produce high quality direct reduced iron (DRI), perfect to use in mini-mills or charging back again into the blast furnace. The process is also able to generate power as the by-product. Therefore, RECYRON® stops the valuable raw materials going to landfill and creates value out of waste. In parallel, it also reduces coke consumption and in turn reduces CO2 emission significantly. RECYRON® offers not only excellent NPV and IRR for investors, but also takes a firm step for the betterment of the environment.

Business Model / Go-to-Market strategy

Possibility 1 - Establishing stand-alone plants and generate revenue from selling DRI briquettes.
Possibility 2 – Selling the license to steel producers and receive royalty from each ton of briquettes produced
Bonus possibility – Offer consulting service for the process itself after successful installation